Crimea – Armenia: a Meeting In My Heart

Personal exhibition of Natalia Ovchinnikova at the House of Alexander Green

On May 4 at 15.00 at the exhibition halls of the Feodosia Museum of A.S. Green the opening of the personal exhibition of Natalia Ovchinnikova (Moscow) “Crimea – Armenia: a meeting in my heart” will take place.

The exposition “Crimea – Armenia: A Meeting in My Heart” has absorbed more than a hundred works made in watercolor technique. These are the landscapes of our peninsula, mountain peaks and ancient temples of Armenia.

The history of Crimea is inextricably linked with the presence of the Armenian people. For many Armenians Feodosia became the second homeland and the place of the greatest concentration of the Armenian population. The exhibition “Crimea – Armenia: a Meeting in My Heart” in early April was successfully held in Yerevan, at the cultural and business center “House of Moscow”, then in Stepanakert within the framework of the “Days of Crimea in Armenia”, which is annually organized by the International Association “Friends of Crimea “.

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